Tips on What Content Should Be on Your Resume


A resume is the first thing an employer will see from you and from that will judge if you meet the qualifications they are looking for in a new hire. That is why it is important the way one makes a resume and what they put on it can highlight how they are the ideal candidate. However, although this may sound simple enough, it is hard to know exactly what one should put on their resume and what should not be. Here are a few statistics one should keep in mind when making their resume:

76% of resumes are discarded due to an unprofessional email.

88% of resumes are rejected when a candidate includes a photo with their resume.

Applicant Tracking Systems (APS), which read applicant resumes, can eliminate 75% of applicants.

5 to 7 seconds is the average time a recruiter spends looking at a resume.


Seeing these statistics may be no surprise or a shock to you, either way this is what an employer would do on a normal day. Remember with any job posting an employer would get many applicants and the employer’s goal is to find the right candidate in the least amount of time. That is why at KE Solutions we tell our clients that no two resumes are alike and that to know if you resume is a good one, one should follow our 3R rules; that is:

Required: focus and expand on required skills and do not make it too general. Include what someone in that career field would be expected to know and what skills they would have.

Relevant: show that you are qualified but not over qualified. Being 100% qualified for a job shows the limited room to learn. Show your transferable skills and demonstrate how it can bridge from your skills to what is required.

Redundant: do not make it too irrelevant and clean up skills so they are clear and show only what would best fit that job. Do not include skills that would be useless in that certain position and irrelevant.

Along with following the 3R rules, there should be a general outline one should follow when creating a resume. Having a game plan and knowing what kind of career you want to be in will ultimately help you to be prepared. You need to know what it is someone in that field would know and have as a skillset to successfully highlight your application.

Use Keywords

Something you should always do is use keywords that are used in the job description. For example, if an employer is looking for a problem solver, team player, and an attention to detail individual make sure to mention those throughout your resume. The employer will notice these and also, the APS some employers may use will pick up on them, thus reducing your chance of being eliminated. As well customize your keywords for each job category and employer you apply to for one employer may say a team player while another may say teamwork.

Be Concise

It is always important to be concise and stay too the point. A resume should be no longer than two pages, leaving you little room to explain everything with a paragraph. Write everything to the point and as clear as possible so the employer will look at your resume quickly, see that you are qualified, and consider you someone worth having an interview. Writing long winded paragraphs of every skill, education, and experience you have will make the employer lose interest or even worse not even read your resume in the first place, something you do not want to happen.

Show Off Your Achievements and Results

What stands out to an employer is your achievements and results. Showing things like awards you received or competitions you competed in demonstrate you are someone who can delivery results and are a top candidate. As well employers do not want to hire an average employee, they want to hire someone who can get the job done but also step up and go beyond when it is needed. Showing your achievements and accomplishments shows to an employer that you have the drive to be the best.

Talk About Your Skills

As well showing your skills, not just listing them, but writing a little description along with them makes all the difference. Providing content on how you either improved a skill, developed it, or learned it can highlight to the employer that you are someone willing to grow and learn. Employers do not want to just see a list of skills you have; they want to know how strong you are in each skill and how it would influence you in the workplace. Its ok to say you are not the strongest in a given skill, it shows you have room to learn and grow, just make sure a skill that is important to the job is not something you are not strong at.

Present Your Resume Creativity

Although content is very important to the employer something that some may overlook is the overall presentation or look of their resume. Usually people would simple find a template on GOOGLE and adjust it to their education and experience. However, employers can easily tell if a resume is form a template or not. For employers see hundreds of resumes and seeing the same style and wording may cause them to overlook your resume even if you may be qualified. Putting even a little effort creativity can help your resume stand out even more. For it will be something the employer has not seen and grabs their attention making your resume memorable and more interesting to them. As well you should highlight keywords the employer describes. Keywords can be found in the job description and are usually things like independent, team player, problem solver, etc. Highlighting them by using a different font colour or using bold or underline can draw an employer’s attention to it and make you stand out. With presenting your resume you want it to be unique, creative, and professional; something the employer has not seen before and draws their attention to the important information. It can really make a difference if you put in the effort to stand out just by using these very easy ways.

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