"'Ridiculously efficient' is what comes to mind when I think about KE Solutions. I had the pleasure of being a client of KE Solutions. I got two offers in only one month with help from their consultants and Jobster [job searching product by KE Solutions]. KE Solutions's consultants shared their experience with me to prepare for every interview. Super professional and patient consultants! They provided very specific and useful direction for improving my career exploration. Any client would be lucky to have KE Solutions working for them."

"KE Solutions's consultants were instrumental in helping me take my career to the next level. Their work experience, intelligence, and deep understanding of the labour market benefited me greatly. I came to KE Solutions with the desire to take a major step forward in my career and I didn't quite know how to go about it. Their team delivered solid, advice which successfully brought me to an exciting new stage of my career and life. I am very grateful for KE Solutions and the important role they have played in helping me advance my career. I will certainly lean on their wisdom again when the time comes. Thank you KE Solutions!!!"

"The first impression of KE Solutions that comes to mind is that they are really responsible, organized, and helpful. They cleared and structured the frame for every project. They would split up the project into smaller tasks for us to accomplish.and then put them together to finish it as a whole. It has been really worth it working with KE Solutions. I feel really thankful for the help they did for me, thanks a lot!!!"

"I am amazed at the profound knowledge across industries, social abilities, and sharp judgement KE Solutions's team shows. Working with them was a very pleasant experience. They shared their wisdom and concerns with clients and coworkers."


"Loewe [a KE Solutions consultant] is extremely knowledgeable  in analyzing and reporting. His expert technical skills, profound knowledge, and great guidance were key to our successful deployment of workforce analytic tools.
He is dedicated to improving the overall hiring process. Providing out-of-the-box thinking I have ever met, he is exceptionally creative in designing the most efficient business models and developing effective products. He is good at discovering every client's potential, no matter how difficult a client's case is. Loewe is the man who is able to make the impossible possible with high satisfaction.
I had the pleasure of working with and reporting to Loewe. He is not only a great leader but also a great mentor for me. I have gained a lot of knowledge both for career and life from Loewe. I greatly appreciate that! Thanks to him and KE Solutions!"

"KE Solutions' consultants are very helpful in providing the best job search possible. They did mock interviews, follow up interviews, and analyzed the interview process. Without KE Solutions I could not have found a job I am satisfied with."

"KE Solutions provided me great opportunities to learn new skills and develop myself further. Providing professional connections and training that greatly strengthen my ability to find my dream job."

"KE Solutions helped me with my job search by walking me through the entire job search process including tailoring my resume, interview preparation, and more. KE Solutions's team are knowledgeable in many different industries. It was a great experience to be coached by them. They treat their clients as friends and I very appreciate their professional advice and patience. As well, Jobster and their other products were great job searching tools which helped me save time and get the job I wanted faster."

"I would like to show my sincere appreciation to KE Solutions for the amazing help that they provided. I would also like to give thanks to KE Solutions's team who are responsible, kind, and efficient. Without their help and advice I wouldn't have been able to find my dream job in such a short time. There isn't enough words to express my gratitude, but again, thank you very much!!!"

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