RezMonkey resume product


With RezMonkey our clients can evaluate, rank, and maximize job opportunities. By adapting for all users KE Solutions has simplified the hiring process. Allowing job seekers and hiring managers to see the best job or candidate for them. Ensuring a hiring process that is much is quicker and more efficient than ever before!


RezMonkey Is Able to Provide

Resume Ranking which allows an employer to rank resumes. Allowing our clients to see the ideal candidate much faster. Thus, ensuring the best fit and qualified candidate can be hired much much more quickly.

Job Ranking where job seekers can see how their resume ranks. Allowing our clients to apply to the jobs which RezMonkey believes that are best suited for. Ensuring our clients can stand out to the jobs that matter most to them.

Diagnose each resume quickly and efficiently. Allowing our clients to get the information the need without going through multiple resumes.

Evaluate and Recommend improvements to someone's resume. By doing so our clients have been able to stand out more to jobs. Improving their overall job search process, as well how the hiring process is.

Visualize difference in resumes and candidates. Through showing which candidates are best helps clear up and simplify who to hire. As well allow our clients to easily see which jobs best fits them. Allowing job seekers to find their dream job and hiring managers the best candidate.