Intermew interview product


Intermew helps our clients ace their interviews easily. By presenting our clients with the question and also taking them step by step through the answer, they better prepare themselves. Allowing them to not only encounter those questions but also be prepared and ready to answer them.

Intermew Is Able to Provide

Like interviews, intermew covers the three basic types of questions on can find in an interview

Behavioural Questions look to see what skills, experiences, and behaviours you have from past behaviour to determine if you have the qualities and skills the interviewer is looking for.

For example: describe a time when you were dealt with a stressful situation? How did you go about solving it?

Technical Questions are specific to the job position and include brain teasers or numerical reasoning. They look to test someone's problem solving and reasoning abilities.

For example: what is the degree angle between the hour and minute hand of a clock at 3:15pm?

Executive Questions are used for more higher level jobs. These questions test someone's knowledge and experience in handling executive position issues.

For example: describe a time you faced an unforeseen issue when leading a team on the job? Explain how you diffused and resolved the situation.