Our fundamental services allow clients to be able to aid in them in many areas. Including career exploration, job search, resume writing, interview preparation, and offer evaluation. By providing such services our clients are able to not just find a job but the job they want to have.

Career Exploration

New to the job market? Want to break into an industry? Don't know where to start? No matter your level of experience we take the time to help you answer these questions. As well, we can help through the whole career search process.

Planning your career path is like planning a road trip. Firstly, decide where you want to go. Always ask for guidance from people who know the area best. Our career consultants are here to answer all questions you may have. It is during our session(s) we can help you map out your career path and avoid unwanted detours. By providing industry knowledge we can find short-cuts to your dream job. What you will get from the services we provide is a completely personalized career plan. Allowing you to have a career search that is much easier and faster to your destination.

Job Search 

What are the best ways to apply for jobs? When is the best time? Which job postings are worth my time?

Without some experience and guidance, the job searching process can be a difficult one. For an effective job search it requires the job seeker to relate the job to their skills. By understanding what the job description is asking for and what industry it is in is key to a successful job search. That is why our job search service provides our clients with a complete walk through of the process. By setting real-time job alerts and understanding the job description completely our clients have landed their dream jobs because of our services.

Resume Writing

Are you frustrated after sending resumes and getting no where? Wonder if your resume was read? Did you know that on average, the first resume is received within the first 200 seconds of a job posting. As well, hiring managers are most likely to review the resumes received within the first couple of days.

You are facing lots of competition when you submit your resume. As well, your resume is all you have to improve the hiring manager. This is why you cannot wait for your dream job to be posted. You need to be prepared anytime!

With our resume writing service our expert team can help you start building a general resume. Thus tailoring your resume to the specific position(s) you want. Utilizing our resume tools we examine your resume from a hiring manager's point-of-view. Giving you advice on your format, content, and comparison to others. Allowing you to highlight your key skills and experience and stand out to any job you are applying to.

 Interview Preparation

You've managed to land an interview and are now one step closer to your dream job. An interview is your opportunity to sell yourself and what how do you prepare for that?

The interview process is not just an assessment for employers to see who is the ideal candidate. An interview is your chance to determine if you like the company you applied to. Usually you go through two or more interviews for job, once by someone in human resource and one by the person you will be working with.

Depending on the industry and company, there are many types of interviews. With our interview preparation service we focus on the major key to interview success, practice! Our expert team has experience and understanding of both the interviewer and interviewee. through practice interviews our consultants can give you professional advice on your attire and body language. Providing insider tips and sample questions, our team will talk your through the whole interview process. Allowing you to be completely prepared for any interview and question.

Offer Evaluation

Now you have successfully gotten an offer. All your hard work and preparation has gotten you to this point. However, do not rush to sign your name. If all we wanted is a job then why do so many people hate their current job?

Not reading your offer and understanding the terms, salary/benefits, restrictions, etc. can be bad in the long run. Remember everything is negotiable and do not be afraid to say you are not comfortable with a certain section of your offer/contract. The key to a successful offer negotiation is to know the market and where you stand in the market.

With our offer evaluation service, our team has years of managerial experience. Thus pinpointing your relative value in the market and help you evaluate your offer(s). By carefully looking at your offer and understanding what you are signing will allow you to have a more fulfilling career. As well, allowing you to land a career you are completely satisfied with.

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