5 Answers That Will Get You an Instant NO in an Interview


Job interviews remain the most popular method for employers to use when selecting a new hire. We have all experienced being in an interview in some way or form; it is through these interviews that employers make their decision on the right candidate for the job. That is why it is no surprise that even though employers may give some tricky questions it is the way you answer them that makes you stand out. For the answer you give tells the employer if you are the right candidate or not. However, tricky as these questions may be, here are five answers you can give that will get you an instant “NO” in an interview.

1. “My previous employer was the worst.”
Nothing good will come out of criticizing your previous employer. Although some may think it will highlight how they overcame such a challenging workplace. All employers will see is a negative person who, given the chance, could potentially talk negatively about their company in the future. As well they will wonder what the other side of the story and may look to found out what that employer has to say about YOU. Remember an employer is looking for someone who is positive and professional, talking bad about an employer will just raise a red flag to the employer. To avoid this the best way is to find something positive say about the job no matter how much you disliked it. Think of what things you learned from that position or how you have grown. It is better to speak about positives for the employer will see you as someone good in the workplace.

2. “My co-workers are to blame for my poor performance.”
Saying that you could not do a good job because other people in the workplace area at fault is not something an employer wants to hear. For this shows that you do not take responsibility for your failures and that you are quick to blame others for not completing your work on time. It also shows that you do not work well with others and may be more of a problem than an aid in the workplace. Working with others is probably of the most important things employers look for, it ensures work gets done and everyone is able to work together to ensure the company succeeds. The best way to talk about past employees is to remain positive; can say how you stepped up to help other employees get their work done. You want to show that you can work with others even if other employees are difficult or do not get their work done.

3. “I am a recent university graduate with a degree in…from there I learned my passion for…”
Not listening fully to an employer’s question and having responses that are too rehearsed and robotic do not make you stand out. In fact, it would make an employer not listen to you for you need to remember employers have been asking those same questions to other candidates and hearing the same answer in the same ways does not help. Try to be creative in your responses and answer in ways the employer may not have of heard yet. Employers are humans also, so responding in a way that no one else would will make employers notice and remember you more. As well, make to sure to listen to the employer’s question fully and understand what they are asking, so you answer the question rather than cite a rehearsed speech that does not answer the question at all.

4. “Well…um…you see I do have some knowledge…but not as much.”
Saying things on your resume that are not true or are exaggerated can make employers say no to you. For employers can tell based on how you answer if you truly know what you are talking about or no. For usually the employer you are talking with knows enough about the position to know if a candidate has the required knowledge for the position. Being caught in a lie is probably the worst thing to encounter in an interview for it shows the employer you are willing to lie and make up things, which can be a problem down the line. Be truthful on your resume and have things on your resume you know about and talk about with confidence. Saying skills or knowledge you do not have will be noticed by employers quickly and result in you not getting the job.

5. “I don’t know it but I can learn it fast.”

Saying you do not know something, like a skill, but can learn it is a good answer if you just answer it once. However, saying you do not know something but can learn it for every single skill on your resume makes the employer wonder, “why didn’t you learn it already then?” If you are interested in something but do not know it enough it shows to the employer that you are unprepared for the position and that the employer would have to spend time and money to train you. Things an employer does not want to do when there is a more qualified candidate who applied. A better answer one could also say is, “although I do not have any direct working experience on (skill), I have done some research on (skill) and followed some tutorials to learn and improve (skill) on my own. I have also had experience using such (skill) will…” Going out and actually having the drive to learn what interests you and relates or is transferable to the position is good and the employer will see this. For it is quite easy in today’s world with everything being online from online articles, video tutorials, and online classes to learn from. This will make you stand out and show to an employer that you are willing to learn independently and have the drive to take it upon yourself to learn.

As you now know from this article, these are just five answers which could give you an instant no from an employer. Employers want to find someone who is positive, willing to learn, and meets their checklist. You taking to heart what was written here will help you stand out and be noticed by the employer and lead to succeed in an interview and get your dream job.

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