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Expert Team

Our expert team have the resources and knowledge to take on all kinds of unique problems

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Advanced Analytics

Our advanced products provide comprehensive information to aid in your job search

What Our Past Clients had to Say

"'Ridiculously efficient,' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about KE Solutions. I got two offers in only one month with help from KE Solutions consultants and Jobster."

"KE Solutions' consultants are very helpful in job searhing. They did practice interviews, follow up interviews, and analyzed the interview process. Without them I could not have found a job I am satisfied with."

"Loewe [a KE Solutions consultant] is an extremely knowledgeable analyst, developer, consultant and entrepreneur. His expert technical skills, deep understanding of the job market, and great guidance were paramount to our successful deployment of workforce analytic tools."

"Without their help and advice, I would not have been able to find my dream job in such a short time. There isn't enough words to express my gratitude, thank you very much!!!"

"KE Solutions provided me great opportunities to learn new skills and develop myself further. Providing professional connections and timely training help strengthen my ability to stand out"


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