Client Success Stories

If they can do it, you can do it!

Linda is a Senior Consultant
@ Canadian Tire

Years of Work Experience: 0.6

Educational Background:

from Western University

Number of Offers Received: 5

Key Challenge:
Longterm Career Growth

What she said about our service:
"I truly enjoyed working with KE Solutions for my career planning. Jobster sends me personalized jobs so that I can apply to the jobs that will get me interviews. Whenever I get discouraged, my engagement manager would guide me through and encourage me to keep going. My consultant is an independent consultant in the industry for many years and he has provided me invaluable guidance in my career search ..."

Cathy is a Data Analyst
@ Aviva

Years of Work Experience: 1.5

Educational Background:

Actuarial Science
from University of Waterloo

Number of Offers Received: 3

Key Challenge:
International Experience, Switch of Industry

What she said about our service:
"... I highly recommend Loewe‘s team and their product Jobster if someone is looking for a new job. Jobster is a Recruitment AI match Jobs with my skills. I got lots of interview opportunities after applying the openings Jobster recommended. For one week, I had 6 interviews in a role and I can barely breath. I received my dream offer after that ..."

Steven is a Software Engineer Intern
@ Slack

Years of Work Experience: 0

Educational Background:

Computer Science
from University of Waterloo

Number of Offers Received: 4

Key Challenge:
Lack of Experience, Career Direction

What he said about our service:
"... I felt overwhelmed with gratitude ... I recieved way more interviews after he helped me on editing my resume and everyday before the interview, he taught me what he know about this job and information about the company. Every night he gave me some brainstorm questions that really helps me improve critical thinking skills ..."