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‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about KE Solutions consultants. I had the pleasure of being a client. I got 2 offers in only one month with help from 6 consultants and Jobster (Jobster is the job search tool developed by KE Solutions). KE Solutions consultants shared their experience with me to prepare for every interview. Super professional and patient consultants! The consultants provided very specific and useful direction for changes to improve not only my career exploration, but also the preparations for every interview. Any client would be lucky to have KE Solutions in their career planning and management. --- Computer Science recent graduate from University of Waterloo (Received two offers (developer and analyst) from one major bank and a non-profit)

"KE Solutions consultants were instrumental in helping me take my career to the next level. Their work experience, intelligence, and deep understanding of the labour market, benefited me immensely. I came to KE Solutions with the desire to take a major step forward in my career and I didn’t quite know how to go about it. Their consultants delivered solid, seasoned, advice which successfully brought me to an exciting new stage of my career, and life. I am very grateful for KE Solutions and the important role he has played in helping me advance my career. I will certainly lean on their wisdom again when the time comes. Thank you KE Solutions!!! — Incredibly satisfied Data Analyst (Successful career transition: marketing -> data analyst)

How It Works?


  • the-future-of-the-job-marketThe Future of the Job Market
    The job market is always changing from how the day-to-day work is carried out to what new jobs and careers are forming and looking to be filled. One big factor that influences how the job market changes is technology. For compared to the past a well known technology seen in any workplace today is computers and the many uses it has provided in improving our daily work. Technology has allowed us to […]
  • resume-tipsWhat Content Should Be on Your Resume
    A resume is the first thing an employer will see from you and from that will judge if you meet the qualifications they are looking for in a new hire. That is why it is important the way one makes a resume and what they put on it can highlight how they are the ideal candidate. However, although this may sound simple enough, it is hard to know exactly what one should put on their resume and what […]
  • 5 Answers that will get you an instant NO in an interview5 Answers That Will Get You an Instant NO in an Interview
                Job interviews remain the most popular method for employers to use when selecting a new hire. We have all experienced being in an interview in some way or form; it is through these interviews that employers make their decision on the right candidate for the job. That is why it is no surprise that even though employers may give some tricky questions it is the way you answer them that […]

2016.04.02 – Ke2Career – Career Exploration – Western University
2016.03.19 – Ke2Career Seminar – Big Data, the Must Knows, the Career
2016.02.01 – Ke2Career – Wechat Platform Launched!
2015.12.07 – Ke2Enterprise successfully acquired enterprise project with a government client!
2015.11.02 – Ke2Career – CPA Event
2015.10.24 – Ke2Career – One Step Closer to Your Dream Job at Brock
2015.05.30 – Ke2Career Info Session at Brock University!
2015.02.23 – Ke2Enterprise kick off
2014.08.08 KE Solutions launched.